The Natural Evolution Of Eye Charts
The Natural Evolution Of Eye Charts


Welcome to EyeVisPod System,

A natural evolution of vision charts, not only reading tests but a global evaluation of visual performance and quality.

After several years of testing using a tablet pc, EVP is going to to use the high resolution iPad lifelike images.

Eyevispod is a complete and innovative method of measuring visual performance and is the answer to the need of standardization in the ophthalmological field.

EVP is the result of the collaboration of specialists, and of a long period of scientific analysis which a definite guide line to instrumental data processing, unique of it’s kind, has been developed.

The technical development has taken into account various important factors:

1- the development of a modern instrument that defines a new standard for methods of visual performance.

2-the creation of a simple, user-friendly instrument, to be used by both patients and professionals.

3-the development of an instrument that can be used internationally and in various languages.

4-the creation of an expandable instrument that could be upgraded with new functions.

The actual version includes six of the more important and significant optical tests: measure of near visual acuity, automatic measured reading speed, comprehension test, social reading quality of vision for near and intermediate distance, photic phenomena test and defocus analyzer.

Eyevisopod is NOW on the App. Store.

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