The Natural Evolution Of Eye Charts
The Natural Evolution Of Eye Charts


Eyevispod has an ambitious project to establish a blog between Ophthalmologists to share ideas and results using Eyevispod and to create a worldwide Database to help us to improve Quality of vision.

Eyevispod is a Revolutionary System to analyze Quality of Vision clinical outcomes (near vision acuity, functional near and intermediate vision, reading speed, photic phenomena and depth of focus) in all Ophthalmological patients.

Eyevipod could be used with interesting results in patients:

– implanted with Premium IOLs and to compare with mono focal IOLs.

– Low vision patiens

– Pediatric patients and many other ophthalmological disease.

The aim of Eyevispod is also to standardize results between Ophthalmologists to obtain a large scale database for each procedure and to be able to distinguish and to give the more suitable option to obtain the best quality of vision that patient need.